Services for developers

Services for the developers of residential, commercial and industrial projects

Within domestic conditions REAL SPEKTRUM provides a unique real estate product – a complex developer service encompassing the whole spectrum of supportive services for developers and is supported by long-term and successful experience with own residential development, with the development of business and office premises, industrial zones and whole urban areas.

It is a land predevelopment (landdevelopment), designated for investors and developers from private companies but also the development needs of various institutions, towns and villages in which we:

  • tip the development and investment opportunities
  • choose the area
  • buy out the grounds
  • consolidate the development area
  • provide a designer´s activity and a market optimalization of the project
  • provide the area-planning documentation
  • change the area-planning, building permission
  • organize a selection procedure for the building suppliers
  • provide project management for the investment supervision
  • arrange complex project marketing
  • provide a portfolio of tenants, or sell the residential and non-residential premises
  • provide facility management
  • provide an institutional investor and realize the developer´s exit from the project

Land-development project in REAL SPEKTRUM Eurovea in Bratislava


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