Services for sellers

Database of buyers

Your real estate are displayed in a broad and continually updated database of financially able buyers as well as domestic and foreign investors, who entrust us with their demand for residential and non-residential property.

Complex real estate marketing

Your real estate are advertised through the most complex marketing budget encompassing all the relevant forms of advertising – be it a newspaper, audiovisual and electronic form including our own real estate catalogue, the most modern web pages, domestic and foreign web servers and prestigious real estate magazines.

25 years of experience – thousands of business deals

Your real estate are sold using our own real estate know-how, based on a successful and long-term establishment in the real estate market and on thousands of successfully closed business deals fully thereby satisfying our clients.

Full legal, financial and business service

We not only find the best buyer and the best market price for your real estate, we also provide for relevant contracts and we ensure the purchase price is paid. We also take care of the tax assessments.

Professional team of real estate agents

A team of fully qualified and regularly schooled real estate agents will take care of your real estate. These real estate agents become your personal advisors during the whole process of selling your property and they are here for you even after its successful realization and financial settlement.

Specialization in particular kinds of real estate (a high level of proficiency and professionalism of our real estate agents)

A high level of proficiency and professionalism of our real estate agents is ensured by their specialization in particular real estate category (apartments, family houses, cottages, farm houses, grounds, business and office premises, industrial and storage property) which is enabled by our size, power and number of closed business deals. So each and every REAL SPEKTRUM real estate agent is an expert in his/her real estate category and has deep knowledge about it because he/she simply doesn´t jumps into the other categories only to gain some superficial knowledge.

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